Manfred Bietak's Agypten und Levante XIX Egypt and the Levant XIX PDF

By Manfred Bietak

ISBN-10: 3700168292

ISBN-13: 9783700168294

ISBN-10: 3700168772

ISBN-13: 9783700168775

Aus dem Inhalt: Vorwort/Introduction von/by Manfred Bietak M. Bietak Farewell to Our nice and costly good friend Paul Astrom D.A. Aston and B. Bader with a contribution by way of K.G. Kunst, Fishes, Ringstands, Nudes and Hippos - A initial file at the Hyksos Palace Pit complicated L81 M. Bietak und I. Forstner-Muller, mit einem Beitrag von F. van Koppen und okay. Radner, Der Hyksospalast bei Yell el-Daca. Zweite und Dritte Grabungskampagne (Fruhling 2008 und Fruhling 2009) M. Dijkstra, a primary of the Bowmen, Overseer ofthe international Lands at Serabit el-Khadim (Sinai 300+297) P. Fuscaldo, The White Slip Wares from Dll el-Dabca, within the Palace District at cEzbet Helmi (Areas H/III and H/VI)

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55. 9012H. L81/1 ZN 566/2006, Fig. f W1 gesp. re 2–3 D. 5 cm. H. 4 cm. Md. 7 cm. Wd. 3 cm. 48 Restored from sherds, incomplete Surface colour: 10R5/1 reddish grey; burnish 35 36 MERRILLEES, 1974, 59, figs. 43, 47, Kaplan, 1980, figs. 123a. Exhibition catalogue, 25 ans de découvertes archéologiques sur les chantiers de l’IFAO, 1981–2006, (Cairo, 2007), 56 nos. 349. 40 David A. Aston and Bettina Bader with a contribution by Karl G. Kunst 10R3/1 dark reddish gray Decoration consists of three large lotus flowers separated from one another by lotus buds.

H. 5 cm. Md. 5 cm. 0 cm. Wd. 2 cm. Intact Surface colour: 5Y8/1 white Decoration: see description Break: not visible. 72 73 The depiction is too simplistic to be able to identify securely if a papyrus thicket is meant, but it seems possible that this genre is alluded to in this case. PETRIE, 1930b, pl. 24. PETRIE, 1906, pl. 9. 75 76 77 PETRIE, 1890, pl. 5. Lisht North pyramid, village site BT 3, unpublished. JEFFREYS and GIDDY, 1989, 5 fig. 3. NORDSTRÖM and BOURRIAU, 1993, 180. Cf. also OWNBY and GRIFFITHS, this volume.

F W1 H ox 2–3 D. cm. Bd. 7. cm. pH. 1 cm. Md. 2 cm. Wd. 6 cm. Restored from sherds, incomplete Surface colour: 5YR7/4 pink Break: grey core, red and brown oxidation zones 40. 9012T. L81/1 ZN 572/2006, Fig. 5 TG I-b-2 f W1 H ox 2–3 D. 7 cm. Bd. 0 cm. H. 0 cm. Md. 3 cm. Wd. 8 cm. 5YR6/6 light red, water eroded Break: grey core, purple, red and brown oxidation zones 41. 9013D. L81/1 ZN 584/2006, Fig. 5, Pl. 2 TG I-c-1 f W abg. ox 2–3 D. 7 cm. Bd. 5 cm. H. 2 cm. Md. 5 cm. Wd. 1 cm. 5YR6/8 light red, water eroded Break: wide black core, red and brown oxidation zones 42.

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