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By Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, Oussama Hijazi, Jean-louis Milhorat, Andrei Moroianu, Sergiu Moroianu

ISBN-10: 3037191368

ISBN-13: 9783037191361

The booklet offers an hassle-free and complete creation to Spin Geometry, with specific emphasis at the Dirac operator, which performs a primary position in differential geometry and mathematical physics. After a self-contained presentation of the fundamental algebraic, geometrical, analytical and topological constituents, a scientific learn of the spectral houses of the Dirac operator on compact spin manifolds is conducted. The classical estimates on eigenvalues and their restricting situations are mentioned subsequent, highlighting the sophisticated interaction of spinors and specific geometric buildings. a number of purposes of those principles are provided, together with spinorial proofs of the confident Mass Theorem or the type of optimistic Kähler-Einstein touch manifolds. illustration conception is used to explicitly compute the Dirac spectrum of compact symmetric areas. The precise positive aspects of the ebook comprise a unified therapy of and conformal spin geometry (with specific emphasis at the conformal covariance of the Dirac operator), an summary with proofs of the idea of elliptic differential operators on compact manifolds in keeping with pseudodifferential calculus, a spinorial characterization of designated geometries, and a self-contained presentation of the representation-theoretical instruments wanted that allows you to recognize spinors. This ebook may help complex graduate scholars and researchers to get extra conversant in this gorgeous, notwithstanding no longer sufficiently recognized, area of arithmetic with nice relevance to either theoretical physics and geometry. A book of the eu Mathematical Society (EMS). dispensed in the Americas through the yank Mathematical Society.

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The Clifford product with real vectors commutes with jR for n  6; 7; 8 mod 8, and anti-commutes with it for n  1; 2 mod 8. The Clifford product with real vectors commutes with jH for n  2; 3; 4 mod 8, and anti-commutes with it for n  5; 6 mod 8. Chapter 2 Geometrical aspects This chapter is devoted to the general properties of the connections induced on the complex spinor bundle in several natural geometric settings: Riemannian, conformal, spin and Spinc . We study the corresponding Dirac operators and derive the well-known Bochner-type formulas relating the square of the Dirac operator and the rough Laplacian.

Spin groups and their representations 37 We would like to understand the behavior of j with respect to the Clifford action on †n . Clearly j is C-anti-linear and Cl0n -equivariant. It remains to see whether j commutes or anti-commutes with the Clifford product by odd elements of Cln . Recall that the complex volume element ! 15) e1    en ; acts on †n as the identity, so obviously commutes with j. On the other hand, ! C (which has odd degree), is real for n  3 and n  7 mod 8, and purely imaginary for n  1 and n  5 mod 8.

A  b/ D ˛. t b  t a/  a  b D ˛. 19. Rn ; q R/ generated by elements of the form v1    v2k , with k  1 and kvi k D 1, for 1  i  2k. (ii) The conformal spin group CSpinn is the group Spinn  RC . 20. For n  2, the homomorphism f Spin  ´ Adj n is a nontrivial double covering of the special orthogonal group SOn . In particular for n  3, the group Spinn is the universal cover of SOn . Proof. 8) we know that the image of a nonzero vector by the map f Rn n f0g  Cln ! GLn AdW is the symmetry with respect to the hyperplane orthogonal to this vector.

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