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From precedent days, Europe has been formed and re-shaped by way of army campaigns concerning greater than 2000 battles. With the aid of a crew of members, David Chandler has assembled a complete consultant to 245 battlefields, giving easy evidence concerning situation, historic context and the target of every engagement, information of the opposing forces, casualties and end result, and an invaluable bibliography bearing on each one.

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War and campaign: Napoleonic Wars; the Austrian Campaign of 1809 (see p. ). Opposing sides: (a) Napoleon in command of the 'Grande Armee'. (A) Archduke Charles and the Austrian army. Forces engaged: (a) French: 130,800 infantry; 23,300 cavalry; 554 guns. Total: c. 154,100. (b) Austrians: 139,500 infantry; 18,600 cavalry; 480 guns. Total: c. 158,000. Casualties: (a) 32,000 French. (4) 40,000 Austrians. Result: A French victory, eventually leading to the Peace of Vienna. Suggested reading: See Aspern-Essling, p.

In consequence, Marshal Villars's offensive on the Rhine thwarted Marlborough's first plan for 1706—a march to north Italy in support of Prince Eugene. The Duke, however, soon adjusted his schemes to meet the new situation, and, abandoning his original intentions, marched from Liège in early May into enemy territory, hoping to lure Marshal Villeroi into accepting battle. Marlborough was not very confident that the battle-wary French would take up the challenge, but on this one occasion Louis XIV was equally determined that a battle should be fought so as to restore the prestige of the French army, and consequently goaded his commander in the Netherlands to seek out 'Monsieur Marlbrouck'.

E. ), Military Operations, France and Belgium, London, 1922-39. On the Campaigns: Mottram, R. , Through the Menin Gate, London, 1932. , In Flanders Fields , London, 1959. , They called it Fhsschendaele — the story of Third Ypres, London, 1978. At the end of the G e r m a n retreat from the M a r n e in the a u t u m n of 1914 their open flank came to rest upon the sea at Nieuport, just within the borders of the Flemish province of West Flanders. H e l d there by Belgian inundation of the estuary of the Yser, the line they established r a n southeastwards into France, passing in front of Ypres, between Lille and Armentieres, t h r o u g h the mining villages a r o u n d Lens to the edge of the Artois uplands at Vimy.

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