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By Ethan D. Bloch

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The individuality of this article in combining geometric topology and differential geometry lies in its unifying thread: the inspiration of a floor. With a variety of illustrations, workouts and examples, the scholar involves comprehend the connection among smooth axiomatic process and geometric instinct. The textual content is stored at a concrete point, 'motivational' in nature, warding off abstractions. a couple of intuitively attractive definitions and theorems pertaining to surfaces within the topological, polyhedral, and gentle instances are provided from the geometric view, and element set topology is specific to subsets of Euclidean areas. The remedy of differential geometry is classical, facing surfaces in R3 . the cloth this is available to math majors on the junior/senior point.

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The map q, also has the property that {q, 1(y) I y E Y) = P. The set Y, is, however, not what we would like to call the result of collapsing the partition P. 0 24 I. 3 as inspiration. Observe that the maps under consideration are not injective, so we cannot use the definition of homeomorphisms as a guide, since a non-injective map has no inverse. Definition. Let A C W' and B C JR' be sets. A map q: A --+ B is a quotient map if f is surjective and if, for all subsets U C B, the set U is open in B iff q-1 (U) is open in A.

Connectedness 31 piece then there should be a path from any one point in the set to any other point in it (very much like drawing something without lifting your pencil from the page). Definition. Let A C R" be a set and let x, y r: A be points. A path in A from x to y is a continuous map c: [0, 1] -+ A such that c(0) = x and c(1) = y. The set A is path connected if for any pair of points x, y E A there is a path in A from x to y. 6. The space R is path connected for all n. Between any two points x, y E R" there is, among many paths, the straight line path; more specifically, if fx, y, and y= x V.

If Y C 1R' and Z C RP are identification spaces of X and P, then Y -- Z. Proof. Let q: X -+ Y and r: X Z be quotient maps such that {q-'(y) IyEY}=P=(r-'(z)IzEZ). Define a map h: Y -+ Z as follows. For each y E Y, the set q- 1 (y) equals some set in P, and this set in P also equals r- (z) for some unique z E Z; define h(y) = z. It is straightforward to see that h o q = r. 5 that h is continuous. A similar construction with the roles of Y and Z reversed can be used to construct the analogous map g: Z -+ Y, which is continuous and, as can be verified, is the inverse map of h.

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