A beam of intense darkness : Wilfred Bion's legacy to by James S. Grotstein PDF

By James S. Grotstein

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The scope of this paintings is to synopsize, synthesize, expand, and to problem Bion in a reader-friendly demeanour. featuring crucial legacy-ideas for psychoanalysis—the rules which are at the leading edge of the sphere that have to be identified via the psychological well-being occupation at large—it highlights and defines the wider and deeper implications of his works.

A Beam of severe Darkness provides Bion’s rules faithfully and likewise makes use of his principles as launching pads for the author’s conjectures approximately the place Bion's principles aspect. This comprises such rules as “the Language of Achievement”, “reverie,” “truth,” “O,” and “transformations”–in, of, and from it, but additionally “ L,” “H,” and “K” linkages (to convey how Bion rerouted Freud’s instinctual drives to emotions), “container/contained", Bion’s rules on “dreaming,” “becoming,” “thoughts with no thinker,” “the Grid,” his erasure of the excellence among Freud’s, “primary and secondary methods “ and the “pleasure” and “reality principles,” “reversible perspective,” “shifting vertices,” “binocular vision,” “contact-barrier,” the substitute of “consciousness” and “unconsciousness” with infinity and finiteness, Bion’s use of versions, his contrast among “mentalization” and “thinking,” in addition to many different goods.

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A brief note on the differing psychoanalytic aims of Freud, Klein, and Bion At the risk of the accusation of overgeneralizing, I think the following constitutes a fair summary of the differences in Freud’s, Klein’s, and Bion’s psychoanalytic aims. Freud, I conjecture, would have analysands work through their infantile neurosis (Oedipus complex) and the infantile sexuality that subtends it to enable them to love and to work more efficaciously. Klein would have analysands transcend the paranoid–schizoid position and attain the depressive position, presupposing that their infantile psychosis and neurosis have been worked through, including the withdrawal of projective identifications, the undertaking of mourning for the lost object, and the conduction of reparations—in other words, the infantile portion of the personality must renounce its hatred, envy, greed, and omnipotence.

I treasure that last and only personal moment we shared together. This chapter is, of necessity, short because I did not get the opportunity to know Bion over time in real time as opposed to analytic time—nor would I mention here the remembrances of him by others. Bion taught me to listen to myself and avoid “gossip”: the verdicts and opinions of others. NOTE 1. I had not realized it at the time, but Bion was very fond of the sound of bagpipes. According to Francesca Bion, “They reminded him of the sound of the 51st Highland Division and the way it lifted the spirit of the troops who had been through such hellish experiences” (personal communication, 2006).

Like Socrates, he always insisted that he knew nothing or never wrote anything original but that every individual had within him/herself all the potential wisdom he or she would ever need (The Ideal Forms, the noumena). He likened himself, again like Socrates, to a “midwife” to the ideas that were latent within the would-be disciple. In Los Angeles he refused to “supervise”. He would only offer a “second opinion”. When I inquired about this, he stated that when he fought in the First World War, he came painfully to realize that headquarters, which was located far behind the lines, gave orders that were ill-informed because of their distance from the scene of action.

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