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By Jessica Williams

In this re-creation of her bestseller, Jessica Williams assessments the temperature of our international and diagnoses a malaise with a few stunning signs. Get the evidence but in addition the human part of the tale at the world?s starvation, poverty, fabric and emotional deprivation; its human rights abuses and incredible wealth; the unstoppable upward push of consumerism, psychological affliction, the medication exchange, corruption, gun tradition, the abuse of the environment and extra. The diagnosis may perhaps glance bleak, but there's desire, Williams argues, and it truly is right down to us to behave now to alter issues.

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It’s an almost-inevitable force in modern life. But when you do go there, make sure you go for the fair trade coffee. Pick up their literature in-store and don’t be afraid to write in to tell them what you’d like them to do. Then do the same thing in every chain coffee store you visit. And don’t stop going to your local independent café just because there’s a new place down the road. It may not offer the same bizarrely-flavoured syrups or those ice-blended confections that are so tempting on a hot day – but chances are it’s a lot more precious to your community.

This is the third edition of 50 Facts That Should Change the World – the first came out in 2004, the second (which had some minor updates) in 2005. This edition has had a fairly major overhaul – updating some of the facts, completely replacing others. And there’s one major reason for this: the world is changing. Some of the original 50 facts are just simply not true any more. The first edition contained a fact about how 70 per cent of the world’s population had never heard a dial tone. That’s no longer true, thanks almost entirely to mobile phones.

Globalisation – which, in its most basic form, merely refers to the increasing interconnection of the world through trade, communications and investment – still could do much to address the inequalities the world faces. But this will happen only if it’s applied in the right way. Rich nations have been able to use globalisation as a further tool of exploitation, imposing tough barriers on developing countries while lavishly propping up their own economies. Corporations have used the abundance of cheap labour and natural resources in poorer countries to increase their profits.

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